Lauren Goodnight


I have been and occasionally am still an artist, an actress, a student, a singer, a writer, and a dancer. I draw the webcomic "FaerieTale" at http://www.faerietale.org, I am currently playing the role of "Brittany 'Cheetah' Diggers" in the Gold Digger OAVs for Antarctic Press, and "Nana/Narrator/whatever else" in the Nana's Everyday Life/Clone Manga Flash cartoons and audio dramas at http://manga.clone-army.org/ . I worked for ADV Films as an actress and writer (with roles of note in DNAngel, Angelic Layer, Pretear, Aquarian Age, SuperGALS!, RahXephon, NOIR, Evangelion: DC, and Sorcerer Hunters OAV), did my rounds on the Houston gay karaoke circuit, write music reviews for AnimeOnDvd.com, and danced in a few competitions, winning my first trophies at age 20.

I am currently an event hostess and professional emcee, having worked with several anime and gaming events to provide professional, knowledgeable on-stage care for high-volume, high-profile events. I would love to work your event! Do not hesitate to email me for a full resume; references available upon request. laurengoodnight@hotmail.com

I have recently relocated to the Carolinas, where I grew up.

Katamari Damacy loves to roll over you

Dethklok is metal love
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